Ember Checkup

Unblock your app's development path. After a short call, I'll audit your app and point out the areas where your app does not follow the Ember Way. You'll receive a detailed report with each pain point and suggestions on how to improve them and thus increase your pace of development. Learn more

Ember Training

Get your whole team up & running in Ember. Get your developers trained during a 2-day, on-site training. We go from the basics, proceeding step-by-step to Ember wisdom, following the recipe that made my Ember book a huge success. Mentoring sessions are added to deepen and retain the knowledge. Write me

Bespoke Ember.js Consulting

Sometimes what you need most is expert help with your current most painful issue at hand. Hire me to help you move past the problem, be it an architectural decision, the best way to integrate your API with your Ember app, or a performance problem. Write me