Unlock the true potential of your Ember app

I want to help you unlock the true potential of your Ember app by finding its pain points and areas where you might run into difficulties on the longer term. To make sure you can move ahead with the development of your app at a steady pace, these points need to be found and addressed.

Ember.js is a great framework that allows you to build features faster and spend less time coordinating development within your team. It achieves this by relying on strong conventions and best practices so you want to make sure you follow these guidelines to reap the benefits of developing with Ember.js. and keep development and maintenance costs down while cranking out new features.

Ricardo Varela

“Until we hired Balint we were pretty much playing Ember "by ear", and by the time we decided to update to Ember 2.0 we really were out of our depth. In the first week of working with Balint not only a lot of old code was simplified, and several issues fixed, but we also got a much better understanding on how to really use the power of Ember 2.0. Furthermore, our main front-end guy was involved in the process so now he speaks Ember, too! Thanks Balint!”
Ricardo Varela
Founder and CEO of Localistico

As someone who has consulted on many Ember projects and have been living and breathing Ember for the past several years, I can definitely help you achieve this.

Ways I can help you

  • Rock and Roll with Ember. Read by thousands, my book guides you through the steps of building a real application so that you can see how the concepts are applied in practice. Learn more
  • Ember Checkup. Unblock your app's development path by following Ember best practices and having an expert opinion on what the potential pain points are and how to fix them to ensure a steady development pace for the long term.. Learn more
  • Learn the ins and outs of Authentication in Ember. Attend an online workshop I give in cooperation with Global Ember Meetup to master authentication in Ember. Learn more
  • Get your whole team up & running in Ember. Get your developers trained during a 2-day, on-site training. Write me
  • Bespoke Ember Consulting Sometimes what you need most is expert help with your current most painful issue at hand. Write me
Sophie Lee

“Balint jumped right into our project and not only solved issues with our main dashboard quickly but also brought one of our engineers up-to-speed in Ember in the process. I definitely hope to hire him again.”
Sophie Lee
CTO of HopSkipDrive

Why should I trust you?

Balint Erdi, Ember Consultant

Hi there! I'm Balint Erdi, an independent Ember consultant working out of Budapest, Hungary. I've been working with the web for more than a decade and have been focusing on Ember for close to 4 years now.

I wrote a hugely popular Ember book , dozens of articles , presented at conferences (like EmberFest , ArrrrCamp , and now EmberConf) , spoke at several Ember meetups and answered hundreds of questions.

Some companies I have worked with

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