I increase the productivity of small Ember.js teams for the long term

Ember.js is an amazing framework that allows you to build features faster and spend less time coordinating development within your team. It achieves this by relying on strong conventions and best practices so you want to make sure you follow these guidelines to reap the benefits of developing with Ember.js. and keep development and maintenance costs down while cranking out new features.

If your apps follow the Ember way and your team does development with those conventions in mind you can unlock the framework's potential and achieve a fast pace of development for the long term.

Kris Khaira

“Our main developer, Sean, really appreciated Balint’s insights and guidance on our major rewrite project and his expertise of Ember was evident from day one. Their regular sessions gave him the needed confidence to go ahead, and his tips were valuable in guiding him in what the best solution (“the Ember way”) is.”
Bryan Huber
Global Vice President, Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers

As someone who has consulted on many Ember.js projects and have been living and breathing Ember for the past several years, I can definitely help you achieve this.

The Rock and Roll with Ember.js book

Read by thousands of developers, my book guides you through the steps of building a real application so that you can see how the concepts are applied in practice. I keep the content up-to-date with each minor release so that you're not learning outdated idioms.

Check it out and download a sample chapter

Stephanie Hogan

“Thank you again for all your help Balint. We really appreciated your time and knowledge, and the team really enjoyed the sessions! It's been fantastic getting an outsider's view of our codebase and some clear direction on what we should be focusing our time on. It's good to know that we're on the right track.”
Stephanie Hogan
Frontend Software Development Manager at Later

About me

Balint Erdi, Ember.js Consultant

I'm Balint Erdi, an independent Ember.js consultant working out of Budapest, Hungary. I've been working with the web for more than 15 years and have been focusing solely on Ember.js since late 2013.

I wrote (and still keeping up-to-date) the most popular Ember.js book (and now writing its advanced-level sequel).

Presented on Ember.js at conferences like EmberConf, EmberFest, AgentConf and ArrrrCamp.

Published several dozens of Ember.js-related articles, some of it as guest posts.

Some companies I have worked with

Kris Khaira

“Balint came in and upgraded our Ember.js app from 1.12 all the way to 2.0 in about 6 days. We’d been struggling with it, considered it a project that’d take several months and were prepared to instead do a rewrite. ”
Kris Khaira
CTO of Vidi