Upgrading a modern Ember.js app to Octane

12 April 2019

The Ember.js community has been lately buzzing about the first edition, Octane, and for good reason. In my view, it's going to change the programming model and will make the developer experience of building Ember apps even better.

Sac Sac Mate is my chess project that I'm developing with the latest and greatest tools of what's available in Ember. It thus seemed a natural choice to try the Octane upgrade process on. The project had already used a few of the goodies that Octane includes (most notably, decorators).

I recorded a screencast about the process that you can watch below.

Here are my notes for the screencast that might also give you a frame while you're watching it:

I hope you'll find this useful when upgrading your app to Octane. If you do, let me know in the comments how it went.

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