The Rock & Roll with Ember band - Mitchell Stanley

18 December 2020

The "Rock & Roll with Ember band" interview series introduces readers of the similarly titled book. They tell us about how they got acquainted with the framework, how they learned it, what they use it for, and share a few more details about the non-tech related side of their lives. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

Could you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

Photo of Mitchell Stanley

My name is Mitch Stanley. I'm a full stack developer from the UK and I work for a web agency called isev.

When and how did your Ember journey begin? How did you learn about the framework?

I started taking an interest in Ember back in the 2.x days. I've always enjoyed dabbling in new languages and frameworks and came across Ember while I was learning Ruby on Rails. I think at the time you could use both in the same project and that's how I got started.

How did reading the Rock & Roll with Ember book help you? Can you recall something that you learned from it?

RaRwE has helped solidify my Ember knowledge and learn how to think in Ember. I remember learning about loading templates from the book. Something so simple that I missed in the Ember docs. I read it and thought 'that's so useful!'

What Ember feature/RFC/etc. are you most excited about?

I have not really kept up to date with the RFCs. I do like the sound of tracked Maps and Sets. Ember dev for other platforms is very relevant to me. It would be awesome to see a native solution for Ember on desktop/mobile!

Other than reading the book, how did you learn to “speak" Ember?

I read the official documentation and Ember CLI 101. I also did the Full Stack Ember with Phoenix course.

Are there any (side-)projects that you’ve built in Ember? What is it (are they) about?

My most notable Ember app is Snipline. I describe it as a 'Command-line snippet organizer for power users'. I first started building the web app in Ember with the intention of creating a seperate native desktop solution. I stumbled upon the Ember Electron package and used that instead!

Were there any challenges or stumbling blocks while you were building your app(s)?

Lots! Usually the issue is that I don't know Ember well enough. I often get stuck on little problems. I think most of the major problems were to do with Electron and Authentication.

How much time do you have to work on that project (those projects)?

It depends on what else I have on. Right now I'm in the process of a big upgrade/refactor which includes updating it to Ember Octane. I aim for around 30 minutes a day.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I'm a bit of a serial hobbyist but I'll try to keep the list short. Aside from programming I enjoy nature walks with my partner, board games, playing guitar, and photography.

If people would like to follow you (or your project), where can they do so?

They can follow my Twitter at @mitchartemis_v2 or the Snipline Twitter @sniplineapp. There's also my blog, Full Stack Stanley, which I cross-post to

Thank you!

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