Rock and Roll with Ember.js v1.13.3 is out

17 July 2015

It's Friday and if it's (every 2nd-6th) Friday, it's Rock and Roll release day!

Book version 1.13.3 is rolling out as we speak (ok, we don't speak and you probably read this later, but you get the point) which contains the following changes:

Closure actions are an awesome new way to fire/handle actions introduced in 1.13 and so it has to be in the book! * Extended the Testing chapter with component integration tests.

Integration tests make component tests super simple to set up and so much more descriptive than unit tests. Our beloved star-rating component is now tested by the shiny new integration tests. * Get rid of needs in the controller.

There was one instance where I used this to get a nice placeholder text. As a preparation for Ember 2.0 where needs is going the way of the dodo, I removed that nasty needs. * Specify the band-songs relationship as sync.

Starting from 2.0, Ember Data relationships are assumed to be asynchronous unless otherwise specified. In the Rock & Roll application, we sideload the songs with the bands, so adding a { async: false } option to the relationship was in order. * A few CSS fixes, one of them thanks to lonekorean

The whole change list is observable here.

Hoist the sails, Ember 2.0 (and with it, Rock and Roll with Ember 2.0) is on the horizon!

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