Rock and Roll with Ember.js demo - A public Ember.js example project

26 February 2016

I have a book called Rock and Roll with Ember.js that has an accompanying application we develop throughout the book. I also maintain a demo version of the same app which has been open-source since its inception. However, that demo app has not received updates for a while now so I decided to do something about this and spent some time this week on making it a state-of-the-art Ember 2 application.

Here are the main developments I have made:

The source lives on Github, at balinterdi/rarwe-demo.

As Mirage can also be used in production (although it's probably not common to do that), you can check out the "production" app, with the same seed data I used in development, and play around with it.

As I mentioned in the introduction, the full version of the app is developed chapter by chapter in the Rock and Roll with Ember book. You can download a sample chapter below:

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