Rock and Roll With Ember 2 is coming soon!

16 September 2015


I will publish a second, extended edition of my book, Rock and Roll with Ember in about two weeks, at the end of September. Here is what you need to know:

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The short past, present and future of Rock and Roll with Ember

Almost exactly 7 months ago, I published my book, Rock and Roll with Ember.js, that helps people learn the glorious framework. Ember has since went through quite some changes and I kept the book up-to-date with roughly an update each month.

Ember 2 was released about a month ago, on the 13rd of August. True to the "stability without stagnation" philosophy, the 2.0 release did not contain any new features but dropped a lot of deadweight, API methods and syntaxes that had been deprecated somewhere along the 1.x process.

Thanks to the transparency of the road ahead through RFCs and discussions on other forums, it can already be clearly seen that the 2.x series will bring a great deal of new and fascinating features. Routable components, angle-bracket components and contextual lookup in components are some of the bigger things that we can expect on the road to 3.0. The expected simplifications (for example, routable components replacing controllers) will come with major changes in how one writes an idiomatic app in Ember 2.

I've been following along the 1.x series with fascination and a keen eye to apply the changes to my book and the included application. I want to do the same along the Ember 2.x line and thus I hereby announce the second edition of the book, Rock and Roll with Ember 2!

Free updates policy

To clarify, with Rock and Roll with Ember 2, I intend to follow the "book development and release" process of the first edition of the book that I've now named "Buy once, get all updates for free (until the next major version)". I assert that if you buy any of my book packages, you get all subsequent updates for free, until 3.0 lands (which is probably 12-18 months away. Geez, do I really want to do that? :) ).

New content

Keeping the book's current content up-to-date is not all. The second edition will contain 4 extra chapters on some advanced topics (Animations, Making an Ember CLI addon, Deployment and ES2015 & computed macros) bringing the total chapter count to 18 (the Getting ready for Ember 2.0 is retired).

Further content changes are expected as Ember 2 evolves (see above for what can already be known about these changes), so the content on launch day will by no means be the final content of the book. It will constantly improve and be kept in-sync with the latest stable 2.x version of Ember.

When does it launch?

Very soon, probably in two weeks, mark the date (with a pencil, for the moment): September 30, 2015.

Stand ready, Rock and Roll with Ember 2 is coming to a virtual bookstore near you!

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