Replacing items in browser history in Ember.js

04 June 2014

One of the outstanding features of Ember.js is that all things related to URLs, including going back and forth in browser history, just work. This is something people got used to with "classical", server-side applications and that several other client-side frameworks lack.

In this post, I am going to focus on a browser history feature, replacing entries in it as users navigate between routes instead of adding to it.

Navigating between routes in Ember

If either the link-to template helper or the route's transitionTo method is used to move between routes (and thus URLs), a new entry is going to be added to the browser's history. That is fine most of the time but sometimes the desired behavior might be replacing the current entry.

Taking the example from the guide, if one is paging through the comments made on a photo where each one has its own route, we probably do not want these comment URLs to clutter the history. Similarly, we don't want the user to land on these URLs when she hits the Back button in the browser.

Using the link-to helper

All that needs to be done is adding the replace=true option to the link-to helper.

So if the link that takes you to the next comment is written like this:

1{{link-to 'Next comment' 'photo.comment' nextComment}}

It should now become:

1{{link-to 'Next comment' 'photo.comment' nextComment replace=true}}

Transitioning from inside routes

The canonical way to go from one route to another is route.transitionTo. If flipping between comments of a photo was implemented as an action in the route, the action handler would have the following line:

1this.transitionTo('photo.comment', nextComment);

To make that replace the current history entry, this becomes:

1this.replaceWith('photo.comment', nextComment);

replaceWith takes the exact same parameters as transitionTo.

In the controller

As Jacques Crocker points out in his comment below, I missed the case where we want to transition to another route, replacing the current item in the history, from inside a controller.

Here is how to do that:

1this.replaceRoute('photo.comment', nextComment);

So thank you, Jacques.

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