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05 September 2011

Octopress is a blogging engine on top of Jekyll. It got my attention since it provides themes and a layout that looks great on mobile devices, too.

I had been playing with the idea to do my own simplistic theming long enough to realize that I would never do it. The other feature I like is its plugin system: some I'll use right away (e.g Github style codeblock) but I also like the idea that I can write a plugin for any specific need that might arise later.

I had had my blog on Jekyll so migration was not really hard. I hit a few minor roadblocks on the way but documentation is great and the author, Brandon Mathis was really helpful on the support forum so I could eventually sort them out.

If you like to blog like a hacker, want to own your content and don't want to be bothered with styling, I encourage you to join the squid team.

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