Publicly Available API for the Rock and Roll Ember.js App

31 December 2013

So far, if you wanted to code along my developing an example Ember.js application, Rock & Roll, you had to run the server side component. That required ruby to be installed on your machine, and you had to clone the repository, and start the server each time you wanted to make some progress with the application.

I realized that might be cumbersome and thus I made the server publicly available at .

I have also updated the client-side component to connect to that remote api.. All backend requests now go through App.Adapter.ajax which basically just delegates to Ember.$.ajax prefixing urls with the backend host:

1App.Adapter = {
2  ajax: function(path, options) {
3    return Ember.$.ajax('' + path, options)
4  }

If you work with an earlier version of the client app, you might have to rewrite urls in multiple places but I figured it is still less work than running the server yourself.

I hope that facilitates your working along with the Rock & Roll app and makes your journey to Ember.js proficiency smoother. If you want to see the screencast series in which I develop said application, you can sign up to my mailing list and have each episode auto-delivered to your inbox.

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