Announcing Rock and Roll with Ember.js 3

05 January 2018

As you may know, Ember 3 is coming on Feb 12th. Rock and Roll with Ember.js has always been kept up to date (with a small delay) with the latest developments of the framework and this will be the case too with the latest major version. While I'm hashing out some of the finer details, I'm very happy to announce Early Access for Rock and Roll with Ember.js 3!

tl;dr: If you want to get your hands on the new book as soon as possible, check out Early Access to Rock and Roll with Ember.js 3. It's the best deal you'll get for the book.

What changes?

Rock and Roll with Ember.js 2 (the current book) has 18 chapters, spreads about 300 pages and is the most up-to-date book about Ember out there. The stable Ember version was 1.8 when I first released it in February 2015 and I kept updating it as the framework evolved ever since.

Although I like this kind of organic change, as you might imagine, the book could benefit from a more directed rewrite from time to time. In RARwE 3 I want to take the possibility to do such a rewrite to improve the consistency and clarity of the book as a whole and to adjust some parts to changed Ember best practices.

I also realized (partially based on readers' feedback) that the book could be improved by covering a few more topics. While at the same time, a few of the current chapters are too advanced for developers new to the framework to know about, so in order to keep the book at a managable length, I'm going to take out those chapters.

So, in total, the book will probably have roughly the same length, but with a couple of chapters replaced for a better focus on teaching the framework to people learning it or looking to have a better understanding of the fundamentals.

What doesn't change?

The promise of the Rock and Roll with Ember.js book has always been that if you buy it, you don't just get a snapshot of the framework. You're getting a resource to learn Ember which is kept up-to-date as the framework is developed (with each released minor version) free of charge until the next major version.

I'm keeping that guarantee so you only pay once until Ember 4.0 is released (in 2 years?) and you're getting an update about every 6-8 weeks.

Just as with the current version, there will be packages but the low-tier package will continue to include only the book and will have the same price, $39, with a nice discount when version 3 launches.

Another thing I take seriously is that my early customers cannot get a worse deal than new ones. They are very important to me and I'm extremely grateful to anyone who supports me in being able to keep writing the book and related learning materials.

So even though the pricing of higher tier packages might change, my current customers should get the best deals and should never feel left out. If you feel I don't live up to this, please let me know.

When will RARwE 3 be published?

When it's ready :) No, seriously, I expect to release it in late February or early March 2018. It would be fantastic to publish it on 18th of February, exactly 3 years after the first version of the book was released but that's probably too tight a deadline, not least because Ember 3.0 itself is announced to be released on the 12th of February.

I definitely want to publish it before EmberConf '18, which starts on the 13th of March, so that I can sign copies of the book there. Since the book only exists in electronic form (pdf, mobi and epub), I'm joking here, but the self-imposed deadline is real.

Also, that's a good place to mention that if you see me at EmberConf, please come and say hi (and get a RARwE sticker).

Can't wait until then and want to get a good deal on the book? Read on.

RARwE 3 Early Access program

If you want to read early versions of the new book before it's released you can sign up to the Early Access program right now. I'll send you versions of the new book as I'm writing it and you'll get the new book for free (and all the updates for free, see above) when it's launched. You'll also be able to influence the final content of the book by giving me feedback on where explanations are lacking or what topics to cover. The Early Access program starts today and ends when the book launches.

To sum up, you'll get:

It costs $29 for new buyers and $19 for existing customers and since you can substract the Early Access price if you buy a bigger RARwE package, this makes it the best deal you can get.

So sign up for RARwE 3 Early Access now.

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