Ember Checkup Service

Do you follow these Ember best practices to guarantee a steady pace of development?

The Ember Checkup service helps companies decrease their code maintenance costs.

With Ember, you can stand on the shoulder of giants and develop ambitious applications fast, leveraging the strong opinions of the framework. However, you can only benefit from the speedup these strong opinions give you if you follow the prevailing best practices and shed the practices that might slow you down on the longer term. To keep your Ember app healthy and fit, it’s paramount to make sure you do things the Ember way.

Adam Pennycuick

"I was happy to to find a product that has a fixed price which prevented me from going to development houses and getting quotes from them and I appreciated the fact that it didn’t require a lot of input from me as I’m juggling several things. I really liked the Severity and Effort scores and the categorization of the tasks in the report. A very well defined and delivered product that I’d recommend to anyone in my situation who know their code is not as good as it could be."
Adam Pennycuick
Founder of Oslr

Here are some of the practices you should be following:

  • Data Down, Actions Up
  • Using component lifecycle hooks
  • Designing your components for isolation and composability
  • Using services for singleton behavior

Here are some of the ones you should stay away from:

  • Using observers
  • Relying heavily on two-way bindings
  • Putting validation code in your models
  • Setting properties in computed properties

The Ember Checkup service provides an audit to make sure your app is in top shape and to enable a steady pace of development for the long-term.

Ge-Je Overschie

“It was very valuable to get a broad code review on our code and get an impression on its overall quality. Balint not only pointed out the weak spots in our application but also showed a clear path forward on how to address them.”
Gé-Jé Overschie
Founder of Fabriquartz

You should consider this service if you:

  • Feel the pace of development is not quite what it should be
  • Think you spend too much time on fixing technical debt
  • Would like an expert to have a critical look at your Ember code base
  • Want to ensure you get the most out of Ember in the future and keep developing features instead of fixing things

What's included?

  • A thorough code audit that focuses on current and future pain points
  • A detailed (pdf) report of these pain points and the high-level plan of how to fix each of them
  • A hand-off call where we go through the report with your developers to make sure everything is clear to unblock the development path of your app

How much does the Checkup service cost?

The Checkup service costs $1500

This is great, how can we get started?

Please write me an email telling a bit about your app and your current challenges. I'll get back to you the next work day as latest to set up a quick call to flesh out the details (if you have a NDA ready to sign, please send that, too, to save time) and to see when we can start.