Rock & Roll with Ember.js 3 is coming to town

Rock & Roll with Ember.js 3

Rock & Roll with Ember.js 3, the most up-to-date book on Ember is coming to a digital bookstore near you this Friday, March 2nd, at 2pm CET (8am EST). With 17 chapters (several of them wholly revamped) including 3 new ones.

To celebrate the launch, there will be a 25% discount until next Tuesday, March 6th, 11:59pm PT.

If you came through the Ember Weekly ad: sorry for luring you here stating the book is already live. According to the plan it would've been already but I finally had to postpone launch until Friday.

Don't want to miss launch and get the book at a discount? Sign up below or follow me on Twitter: I'll talk about the launch in both of these places :)